Computer Security

Computer Security

SmartSnake is a trusted name in online technical support services. We can protect your computer from all kinds of threats. You have to do nothing except making a call at our toll free number to get our state-of-the-art online tech support services. We offer complete Computer Security solutions.

We offer online technical support for:

  • Firewall Support

Norton Antivirus is a big name when it comes to computer security. Norton Antivirus provides you total security for your computer. For installing Norton Antivirus on your computer, you must have an operating system compatible with this software and proper system configurations. SmartSnake can provide you all kinds of technical support required to properly run Norton on your computer. You just have to make a call at our toll free number to access our high class tech support.

McAfee Antivirus comes with filtering features and monitoring options to make it safe for the computer users and make them tension free. If you are frequently using the Internet then McAfee is the best option for you. Your computer will be safe against viruses, spyware, hackers even if you are going to virus prone websites.  McAfee Internet security includes: Easy Network, Security Center, QuickClean, Anti-Spam, Shredder, VirusScan, Personal Firewall, Back-up and Restore. To install McAfee Antivirus on your computer just make a call at SmartSnake toll free number. Our technical experts will provide you all the necessary help.

Avast! Pro Antivirus Software is a customized computer security package. Avast! Antivirus software provides audible alarms and program processes. You can experience key features and benefits like: All time protection against viruses and spyware, Protection against attacks from hijacked websites,  Ensure sending and receiving clean e-mails, New user interface, Safe browsing of suspicious websites, Run unknown applications, Protection against "chat" infections, Compatibility with MAC, Linux Microsoft Windows XP and higher versions of Microsoft Windows operating system, Safe and uninterrupted gaming support, Automatic updates for greater user convenience and safety.

AVG Antivirus software provides high class computer security to your computer. The main components of AVG Internet Security are: Anti-Virus,  Anti-Spyware,  Anti-Rootkit , E-mail Scanner, LinkScanner, Firewall,  Resident Shield, Online Shield, Anti-Spam,  Identity Protection, System Tools, PC Analyzer, Update Manager, AVG Social Networking Protection. SmartSnake technical experts can check your system’s configuration before installing it on your computer. We can install AVG Antivirus very easily. Call us now and get our unique tech support services now.

You can avail SmartSnake online tech support services to install Avast! Antivirus on your computer and protect it from all kinds of threats. Call us now and get a new experience.

Panda Antivirus Security can be used to protect your computer from spam, spyware and other kinds of malicious software. It consists of firewall applications to stop intrusion from other networks to your computer. Some key features of Panda Security products are: Cloud Based Security Service, TruePrevent to provide proactive security, Collective Intelligence. SmartSnake can provide you all kinds of technical support for installation and configuration of Panda Antivirus software on your computer. You can call SmartSnake at our toll free number to experience our high class tech support service.

CA Antivirus software is known for its anti-virus, anti-spyware, and personal firewall solutions. Some other noticeable features are: Antivirus to block all types of malware, Antispyware to block unwanted ads, No performance decrease during word processing and gaming in computer with CA antivirus installed, Blocks downloading infected files, Improves overall system performance, Quick system scan, Updates are performed in the background, 3D wheel like interface, Easy navigation, Extremely small footprint, User friendly. You can get all kinds of technical support required to install and run CA Antivirus on your computer from SmartSnake. We are specialist in online technical Support. Our highly qualified and experienced technical experts can provide you world class services.

A network’s firewall can protect your computer against different kinds of threats. It builds a bridge between the internal network and the external network in order to ensure that only secue data can get access to your computer. It consists of a predetermined rule set for the analysis of the data packets. SmartSnake provides you Firewall support for protecting your computer from different types of threats. You can get our online technical support services by making a call at our toll free number.

KasperSky Antivirus has several key features which provide full security to computers. Some advanced features of this software are: Self prevention from being disabled by malicious software without user permission, Incoming instant messenger traffic scanning, Automatic disabling links to known malware hosting sites, Runs check for new virus signatures on an hourly schedule. SmartSnake online tech support can help you in getting KasperSky Antivirus software installed on your computer. Call at our toll free number anytime and get our unique tech support service.