Support for Email Configuration

Support for Email Configuration

Support For Email Configuration | SmartSnake

Email is the fastest and easiest way to connect with your family, friends and business partners. You can chat, share images, videos or documents through email services. There are various companies, which provide email services. Though emailing is very easy but sometimes, people face technical glitches. We provide 24x7 technical support for your email account. Talk to our technical engineers to find solution for your email configuration issues.

We provide services for following email issues:

  • Setting up an email account
  • Resetting forgotten password and username
  • Difficulty in sending and receiving mails
  • Making you understand the sending limits of a mail
  • How to unblock the blocked account
  • Understanding products and features of various email providers
  • Auto-delete mail
  • Deleting a large email or resolving mailbox full error
  • Any other

To fix all email issues just check out and pay attention to following key areas:

  • While having trouble sending a mail, just check out the attachment, which should not be more than 25MB.
  • The file you want to send should be in these formats only: POP3, IMAP and SMTP.
  • If you are not able to log into your account, just recall if it is been more than 6 months you last operated it. If this is the case, then is been blocked by the concerned email team and you need to seek technical assistance.
  • High volumes of mails restrict the IP address of your computer and warn you with the error message of “Unable to send the mail”. Here you need to clear your mailbox and remove all unwanted mails.
  • Not only this, you need to pay attention to SPAM folder as well. Do not click on any mail from unknown sender. It may contain virus and harm your computer.
  • Keep checking the settings of your mailbox and customize it for organizing your account in a better way.
  • Another very important aspect, which should not be ignored, is that you need to change your password for security purposes and should never ever share it with anyone.

For any other confusion and difficulty, call SmartSnake technicians any moment you want. They are experienced enough to resolve your most difficult issue at the earliest thereby giving you complete peace of mind.

Email Configuring Support: Services at a Glance

Other than resolving various email issues, SmartSnake also assist you in following areas:

  • Fixing configuration issues.
  • Troubleshooting
  • Assisting toolbar issues and drivers/ printers issues
  • Tacking slow speed issues
  • Recovering all lost mails


SmartSnake is the leading technical support provider with a track record of 98% first call resolution. Our experts are well-equipped with technical knowledge and experience to deal your mailing issues 24*7*365 throughout the year. They help you in managing and maintaining your mailbox in a smarter way by making you understand how to implement email rules.
We promise to resolve your email configuration issues in shortest possible time. Easy online solutions are assured here. To avail the benefits, call us now. We are awaiting your calls.