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Slow Computers

In today's fast pace world, IT technology has its emphasis in almost every field. This is because of the reason that computers are the fastest way to store and retrieve information. But sometimes they create inconvenience because of their slow processing speed, which at times is irritating. It could be because of old files, software conflict, viruses, software/hardware incompatibility etc. All these become the reasons of declined efficiency of your PC.

At this point of time, your system requires assistance, which indeed will improve its speed and performance.

Slow Computers Issues

Generally, we do not understand the gravity of the problem of slow computers initially, but slowly it lead to many issues. Some common issues with slow computers are:

  • More time to start the PC
  • Some software may start slowly while others are unable to start
  • System hanging and taking long processing time

All these performance issues could be because of any of the reasons mentioned below:

  • Overloaded: Too many programs installed in the system making its processing slow.
  • Not enough hard disk space: Less empty space on the hard disk on which the operating system exists.
  • Left over programs and bad files: After uninstalling the programs, few files are left which in turn disturb the registry file and result in slow processing.
  • Data Corruption: Sometimes data on the system get corrupted because of reasons like virus attack.
  • Missing drivers: While removing non required programs, the drivers gets deleted, which results in slower processing.

With easy online solutions at SmartSnake, you can successfully optimize your computer with faster speed and high performance. Our certified experts offer you quick, affordable and customer friendly solutions. They clears your system from all junk files, registry files, defragments the hard disk and more. Your computer performance issue will be solved in a few minutes.

Our Services

We provide the following services to our customers:

  • Installed Drivers: Our tech experts thoroughly check the installed drivers on your system, and if required, upgrade these drivers. So, if the performance issue is because of these drivers, it gets resolved immediately.
  • Scanning: At SmartSnake, we fully scan your computer for any viruses, non required data, registry files or junk files that could be the root cause of slow computer.
  • Defragment: We consolidate the fragmented files on your hard disk by rearranging the data which results in increased efficiency of your computer.
  • Hard Disk Division: Sometimes more data or programs are installed on the drive. This leads to slow performance. Our experts logically divide the hard disk between the operating system and other programs.

Why is my computer slow?

There could be a number of reasons for a computer to be slow. It could be junk files, low disk space, driver issue, etc.

How can I increase the processing speed of my PC?

Speed of computer can be increased by defragmenting the hard drive, adding memory, removing viruses, uninstalling unused programs and optimizing the startup program. Our experts can do this for you remotely.

Is there any software that can be used to check my computer’s performance and resolve it?

Yes, there are many software to test every aspect of your computer to ensure it is working properly.

What damage a virus or spyware can cause to my computer?

These programs can increase the amount of pop-ups and spam. They can also affect your private information.