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Nuts & Bolts of SmartSnake (T&C)

These are the terms and conditions laid down by SmartSnake for all its users who get themselves registered and further purchase subscription plans and related technical services as per their need. It is very important for users to understand these fundamentals before they actually begin their journey with us. These are the details of services which you will e getting from SmartSnake.

Must be wondering what the need of it is. Well, SmartSnake undertakes the responsibility of making its users understand what technical service they will be getting for the amount they are paying. It becomes necessary as they don’t want their customers to feel cheated. It is the responsibility of SmartSnake to satisfy its users in every sense.

Why users should not miss reading this knowledgeable section?

It is very important for SmartSnake to maintain its strong customer base and for that notifying user is important. Notifying here does not mean that SmartSnake sends messages to each and every user but it means that it has mentioned every single detail in this page itself. Now there is a call on the part of users to go through it. This is necessary for better relation between the technical service provider and the user.

Understanding stipulations and accepting it becomes mandatory then for those users who really wish to maintain long term relations with SmartSnake technical service provider. It should not be avoided at any cost as if users miss out reading these articles then only they are liable for the loss or incomplete knowledge or lack of awareness of them. So, SmartSnake suggests you to carefully read this page and for any clarification, users can call the toll-free number- 1-800-986-4764.

What SmartSnake informs its users about?

SmartSnake has tried to impart all possible information and knowledge to its users as it can. Users must know the following sections in detail before they actually get subscription for any plan and technical service for their computers:

  • Subscription Plans and the period of time they are meant for
  • Modifications SmartSnake can bring in its terms & conditions as well as web portals
  • Payment procedure related facts
  • Eligibility Criteria for refund
  • Information users need to furnish in remote sessions
  • Responsibility of users
  • Terms users need to understand
  • Privacy Policy
  • Unlawful usage and penalties
  • Communication ways between users and SmartSnake

Each and every part mentioned above is equally important for users to understand. SmartSnake has explained each section in detail.


"Acceptance of terms and conditions by users in essential not only for users but also for a technical service provider” says SmartSnake. The users should have complete information of the additional expenses they have to pay when they begin their journey with SmartSnake. Knowledge about privacy policy, licensing policy and the third party agreements who act on behalf of SmartSnake is utmost important.
It is only after acceptance and complete understanding that SmartSnake itself gives the acknowledgement in writing to all the eligible users. This is why primary conditions and secondary conditions both need to be understood. Users should pay attention to each of them.

Certain terms users should understand:

There are some specific terms which are repeatedly used in this page, therefore users must understand them for better vision of the information we want to share:

  • For both SMARTSNAKE INC LIMITED AND SmartSnake. INC., the term which is used is "SmartSnake".
  • For users, the term "You" is used here.
  • For trained professionals of SmartSnake, terms used are "Certified Technicians", "Tech Experts" or simply "Techies".
  • Subscription based plans are for a period of time say 6 months or one year but Incident based plans are for a particular incident or issue.
  • Payment procedure for users is pre-decided by SmartSnake which they need to understand and accept.
  • We have mentioned two different terms- Plan Order and Service Plan where the former is being used when a user places an order for a particular plan which he wants to subscribe for. After the acceptance of Plan Order by SmartSnake, the details of that plan are sent by SmartSnake. Those details are then called as Service Plan.
  • • For discontinuing the renewal plans, users must inform the customer service dept in advance atleast a month before else the fee will be deducted as usual.
  • In case users pay any additional amount, SmartSnake is not liable to return it.
  • Users may find few technical services not working online; they must speak to our customer service executives as few of the services don’t work in some countries.

How remote sessions work?

When a problem is diagnosed on your computer by SmartSnake team, remote session is being conducted by us. In a remote session, a technician takes control of your computer remotely and tries to solve it telephonically, chat or via emails. It is not at all harmful for the data stored in your PC. Users must be fully aware of this. Our tele-executives are smart professionals with expertise in their field of sorting out your computer issues.

Payment Procedure and Refund:

The payment for any of the subscription plans need to be made in advance at the time of getting yourself registered when you begin your journey with us. Subscription fee or service fee is to be paid by users in advance. In case users want to discontinue any of the service plans which they have already paid, it will not be partially or fully refunded by SmartSnake. There will be no reimbursement of fees already paid. Users need to provide their credit card details at the time of making payment for any Plan Order. In case, they mistakenly furnish their debit card details, SmartSnake will not be liable for any extra charges incurred by them on their debit card and related fees. For any failure of electronic funds transfer opted by user for making payment, no technical service will be provided. Credit card issuer will not sign any receipt for making payment on users' behalf.
Refund will be made only when the issue of users will be found genuine after proper investigation. Also, refund will be made if the issue reoccurs within 15 days of its first resolution.

Details of Privacy Policy of SmartSnake:

Name, phone number, operating system, browser and other appropriate technical details are required by our technicians in a remote session to serve you in best possible way. The purpose of these details is only to assist you. Do not worry your sensitive details and data stored will not be stolen during remote session. You need to fully rely on our technicians. Your information will never be misused despite of the fact that our technicians will have access of your computer.

Exploitation and Wrong use of SmartSnake Information is liable to be punished:

There are many things regarding maintaining the code of conducts while using the technical services of SmartSnake:

  • The services of SmartSnake should be received on registered computer only.
  • Do not create hyperlinks on web portal of SmartSnake.
  • The technical services of SmartSnake should never be copied, altered, modified, transferred, reproduced, published and sold to a third party.
  • Unlawful use of the information provided on the website of SmartSnake is strictly prohibited.
  • Say no to any commercial use of the services of information you get from SmartSnake.

Duties of Users:

There are certain duties and responsibilities of users for which they alone are accountable. It is the duty of users to create a data back-up of the information they have in their PC. It is very important as they will only be responsible in case of any data loss or theft. Users should always cooperate with the technicians in the remote sessions and should keep providing them the details they require for the successful completion of the session. ID and passwords created at the time of registration process should be taken care by users only. It should be kept confidential at any cost. In case the details are leaked out, users should immediately inform the team of SmartSnake but should always remember that SmartSnake should not be held responsible for it.

When SmartSnake may get delayed in providing you the solutions?

There are some unavoidable situations caused by nature when even best of the experts cannot help you in time. Such situations can be counted as:


  • Acts of terrorism
  • Civil Disorders
  • Wars
  • Military Action
  • Strikes
  • Riots
  • Computer Virus
  • Internet server down
  • Third party acts



These are the natural disasters and cannot be predetermined. So, in such cases users must assume that the tech experts of SmartSnake will serve them at the earliest.

How SmartSnake will communicate and inform its users?

There are several ways through which SmartSnake technical service provider communicate with you. These ways can be counted as news groups, forums, bulletin board services, calendars, communities, personal web portals, instant messaging, emails, FB, twitter, Pinterest and others. This way SmartSnake keeps you completely updated about the happenings of SmartSnake and all the latest news as well.

Users should know that necessary amendments can be done in web portal:

Necessary changes and modification in the web portal of SmartSnake is an ongoing process. It is the responsibility of users to keep reading them all time. In no case, SmartSnake will inform them about it. The duty of this technical service provider stays limited to keep updating the latest information on its web portal and make it available for all the users. Not only this, terms and conditions can also be changed if not entirely, then few points of it. Very important for users to note that any kind of dispute arising between SmartSnake and users will be governed by law of United States of America only.

Clarifications and Queries can be sorted out at toll free- 1-800-986-4764

You can also write an email to us @ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it